when will i get a new job astrology

when will i get a new job astrology

When Will I Get a New Job Astrology?

Are you dreaming of changing your job or getting a new one? If so, astrology may be able to offer you some insight into when you may get a new job. Read on to discover the timing for when you may have better chances of landing the job you have been looking for.

The Timing of Job Changes

Jupiter is the planet that rules improvement and expansion, so when this planet moves through your sign, career opportunities are likely. These events can bring in new projects and job opportunities – allowing you to choose a career path that most aligns with your life objectives.

Here are the events that could allow you to take a window into exploring a change of professional life:

  • Jupiter entering a sign: This occurs roughly once every 12 years and can bring growth and opportunity.
  • Jupiter making aspects to natal planets: When Jupiter makes an angle to a planet that is already in your chart, this indicates a flexible window for you to make a career move.
  • Transits of Venus: When Venus moves through the same astrological sign as an important natal planet, the energies enhance personal growth.
  • Transits of Mars: When Mars transits your sign, you may feel inspired to take on challenges associated with your professional life.

Transits can also offer a second chance. If you missed an opportunity previously, another may arise during a similar transit. If you can correlate this transit with what may have happened in your life, you can use this knowledge to take the right step moving forward.

Planetary Retrograde

When planets appear to move backwards through the zodiac, this indicates that certain areas of life need to be reviewed and reevaluated. However, it can also pinpoint the time where you need to go within and think about what kind of career path to take. This can lead to a more fulfilling and successful role in the long-term.

Although astrology can provide guidance for when to make a move, the changes and transitions in life ultimately depend on our free will. Our free will is what makes the difference and allows us to summon our inner strength and create our own destiny.


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