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Where Jobs May Be on the Line NY Times Crossword

The New York Times Crossword puzzle has been around since 1942, making it one of the most enduring sources of entertainment and mental stimulation.

This Saturday, February 13th, The Times published the “Where Jobs May Be on the Line” crossword as part of its weekly puzzles. While it’s fun to solve and challenging, the puzzle also references some current struggles of many of today’s workers.

Highlighting Struggles

The clue for one of the puzzle’s down entries reads “subject of several Amazon union campaigns.” The answer, fittingly, is “WAREHOUSE.” As noted by The Times in the puzzle’s blog post, “Labor organizers have been pushing for Amazon to unionize, most recently in Bessemer, Ala., where ballots are being tallied in an ongoing unionization vote.”

This same sentiment is evident in the puzzle’s other entries, including “Bean-counting concern” (BUDGET), “Agenda item at a gig workers’ rally?” (RIGHTS), and “Outcome that could be dire for some gigglers” (LAYOFFS).

Encouraging Solidarity

The Times crossword team has always had a knack for connecting the dots between popular culture and working America, and this puzzle is no different. It sends a message of solidarity to those at the front lines of union-busting and exploitation and a reminder that American workers are united in striving for a better future.

Through this lens, we can make meaning of the puzzle’s theme, “Where Jobs May Be on the Line,” and remember that the right to safe and stable employment is a basic human right.

Things to Keep in Mind

As we tackle the challenges of the future of work, here are a few takeaway points to remember:

    • Organize: Joining a union is the best way to protect yourself and your co-workers from exploitation and unsafe working conditions.


    • Advocate: Speak up for those who are not in a position to speak for themselves.


    • Educate: Learn about the challenges within your industry, and stay abreast of the latest developments.


After completing the challenging but rewarding puzzle, let’s also remember its message of hope and solidarity for the workers at the front lines of labor struggles across the nation.


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