where to bid on commercial painting jobs

where to bid on commercial painting jobs

Where to Bid on Commercial Painting Jobs

Building a successful painting business requires contracts for a variety of properties including commercial buildings. There are a few great resources to explore when looking for commercial painting jobs that may be a perfect fit.

Government Auctions

Government auctions are an incredibly large source of potential contracts. Government buildings often need an update when it comes to painting and by responding to auctions they put out you may be able to snag some lucrative contracts.

Online Platforms

When it comes to the digital world there are several great sources for commercial painting jobs.

  • ServiceMasters.com
  • Freelancer
  • CheckBook.org

You will usually have to create a profile with them, upload portfolio pictures and connect license information so they can display your credentials.

Local Businesses

When a business needs an update it is often good to approach them in person. Since you know the local business scene it can often be a great source of new contracts. Walk in with a portfolio of your past projects and inform the owners if you can give them a better deal than the competition in the area.

Networking Events

The best way to get contracts is usually through word of mouth. Attending networking events in the area is a great way to get to know people and also to spread the word that you do great commercial painting jobs. Who knows, you might even get business contacts from such a place.

These are some of the best sources for finding commercial painting projects. However, it is important to remember that business doesn’t always come overnight. You may have to wait a while until something you bid on comes through. The key is to keep bidding, networking and marketing your services.


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