where to find saved jobs in linkedin

where to find saved jobs in linkedin

Using Linkedin to Find Saved Jobs

Are you lost and don’t know where to begin your job search? Utilizing your Linkedin profile can help! Linkedin is a great tool to connect with recruiters and search, apply and save jobs.

Finding Saved Jobs on Linkedin:

  • Log into your Linkedin Account: The first step is to log into your Linkedin account.
  • Search for Jobs on the Home Page: Linkedin will show you recommended jobs based on your profile and location on the home page. You can use the search bar to find available jobs through a keyword or a company name
  • Filter Your Results: Once you click on the search bar, you will be able to filter your job results based on the supplied criteria like location, job title, seniority level and more
  • Saving Jobs:After browsing through available jobs, you can save them by CLICKING the “Save ” button located near the bottom right hand side of the job listing. This will move the job into a SAVED JOBS tab.
  • Accessing your Saved Jobs:Your saved jobs will appear in a separate tab on the Linkedin homepage. You can click on this tab at any time to access your saved jobs list. You can only view up to 50 saved jobs at a time on this page.

Why Use Linkedin for Job Search

  • Recruiting agencies and companies use Linkedin to search for potential candidates
  • It is a great way to network and build connections with recruiters and professionals
  • Linkedin is a great source of jobs from employers around the world

Using Linkedin for your job search is easy and convenient! Take advantage of the resources Linkedin provides to find the perfect job for you.


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