where was the italian job filmed

where was the italian job filmed

Location of Filming the Italian Job

The original 1969 film “The Italian Job” was a classic crime caper movie filmed on location in Italy and the UK. Directed by Peter Collinson, the film centers around a gang of robbers plotting a daring heist in Turin.

Production in Turin, Italy

The production of “The Italian Job” took place in several key locations in Turin, Italy. Notable locations featured in the movie include:

  • Turin Cathedral Square – the site of the opening bus chase scene and the final chase sequence featuring the trio of Mini Coopers.
  • Royal Gardens – the memorable scene where the gang of robbers meet to plan their heist.
  • Turin Pedestrian Precinct – the scene where Charlie Croker (Michael Caine) spends his last night in Italy.
  • Turin Prison – where Charlie is held captive by Altabani (Rossano Brazzi)

Filming in the UK

Filming of “The Italian Job” also took place in several locations in the UK. These include:

  • Cambridgeshire – where numerous scenes of countryside and village life were filmed.
  • London – the opening scene featuring the gold bullion being unloaded from the van, and the final scene in which the Minis are joyriding through the city.
  • Greater Manchester – where the chase scenes involving the Minis were filmed.

Wrap Up

“The Italian Job” is remembered as one of Britain’s greatest films. Filming locations in both Italy and the UK have played a major part in the film’s success and its enduring popularity.


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