which career pathway features jobs that are focused on conservation

which career pathway features jobs that are focused on conservation

Careers in Conservation

Conservation encompasses a wide range of areas that focus on preserving or protecting the environment or natural resources. Field technicians, ecologists, environmental engineers, environmental policy makers and foresters are some examples of job roles that focus on conservation.

Role of Field Technicians

Field technicians work in the field and are responsible for a range of duties such as helping to create strategies for preserving endangered fish populations and restoring damaged habitats. They collect and analyze data to assess the condition of natural ecosystems, help to identify threats, and document their findings in a report.

Role of Ecologists

Ecologists are renowned for their knowledge of ecosystems and the species that inhabit them. They observe and study changes in the environment and provide recommendations to policy makers on how best to protect species and refuges.

Role of Environmental Engineers

Environmental engineers specialize in designing processes and systems that reduce environmental impact and protect the environment. This can range from developing systems that reduce air and water pollution, to developing infrastructure that protects public health, natural resources and aquatic life.

Role of Environmental Policy Makers

Environmental policy makers formulate, implement and review policies and legislation related to the environment. They are on the front lines of conservation efforts, pushing for healthy wildlife environments and taking the lead in maintaining air and water quality that is safe for humans and wildlife.

Role of Foresters

Foresters take responsibility for forest management tasks, fighting forest fires, planting and tending trees and developing pathways for recreation. They often work as part of a team, managing land for economic activity and sustainability.


The career pathway for conservation has a diverse range of roles and job opportunities. Whether it be field technician, ecologist, environmental engineer, environmental policy maker or forester, these roles are all vital to the protection and conservation of wildlife and natural ecosystems.


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