which of the following would qualify as a sedentary job

which of the following would qualify as a sedentary job

What is a Sedentary Job?

A sedentary job is an occupation that requires prolonged periods of sitting, with few or no physical activities. These jobs are not physically strenuous and can range from roles in an office to customer service representatives and typists.

Examples of Sedentary Jobs

Below are some example of sedentary jobs:

  • Office workers: This includes administrative jobs, customer service representatives and those who spend the majority of the time at a desk or computer.
  • Driver: While a position as a truck driver or a taxi driver may involve movement, the majority of a driver’s time is spent behind the wheel.
  • Sales representative: Depending on the industry, salespeople may spend the day travelling and meeting with clients, however more often than not they are working in an office where they review leads and make calls.
  • Typists: This includes those working in offices, as well as freelance typists who enter data into a computer.
  • Teachers: This can include physical education and dance teachers, as these roles often require more standing than sitting.

Risks Associated with Sedentary Jobs

Physical inactivity is becoming an increasing problem, whereby those with a sedentary job are at the highest risk of developing certain conditions, such as back pain and heart problems.

Generally those with a sedentary job should aim to get up and move around regularly, making sure to stretch the arms, legs and neck. Additionally, it is beneficial to get up and go for a short walk when possible. These activities will help to increase blood flow and energy, reduce tension and prevent stiffness.

Overall, a sedentary job does not have to be detrimental to one’s health, as long as regular breaks are taken and time is spent on physical activities.


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