who are the sons of god in job 38:7

who are the sons of god in job 38:7

Sons of God in Job 38:7

Job 38:7 says “when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” Who are these “sons of God” mentioned in this verse?


The first answer is the most popular and well-known one. The “sons of God” are typically interpreted as referring to angels. Angels are spiritual beings created by God at the beginning of creation, and they play a role in praising and serving God.

The Royal Line of Pre-Israel Kings

Some scholars also interpret “sons of God” as referring to the royal line of pre-Israel kings. This interpretation is based on the fact that the same Hebrew phrase is used elsewhere in the Old Testament to refer to humans. It’s possible Job 38:7 refers to these kings who were followers of God, praising and shouting in joy at the day of creation.

Sethite View

A third interpretation is the Sethite view. This view states that the “sons of God” were descendants of Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve. This interpretation is based on the fact that in other parts of the bible, the phrase ‘son of God” is used to refer specifically to righteous descendants of Adam.


In conclusion there is no one definitive answer as to who the sons of God in Job 38:7 are. Different interpretations offer different answers, though the most popular view is that the “sons of God” are angels.

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