who gave helen robinson a job

who gave helen robinson a job

Who Gave Helen Robinson a Job?

Every individual needs a chance to become the person they want to be. This holds especially true for Helen Robinson, who found an opportunity to start a career, despite being written off at a younger age.

Helen’s Journey

Helen had a troubled experience from early on in her life, with a number of times being expelled from school. At 18, she dropped out and found herself starting again.

With support from her friends, family, and the chance to work as a cleaner at a gym, Helen was finally in a stable position.

Her Breakthrough Opportunity

Helen was keen to find a career in the industry, but wasn’t sure how to take the next steps forward. That hope of a career in the fitness industry was realised when a transformational chance came in the form of David Maudsley and Gucci Fitness, who offered Helen a job in their organisation.

David Maudsley and Gucci Fitness showed Helen enormous support, providing her with guidance, flexibility, contacts and knowledge. After a few months, Helen quickly rose up the ranks in the organisation, defining a new career for herself.

Helen’s Achievements

Thankful for the support of David Maudsley and Gucci Fitness, Helen wasted no time in making her mark in the industry. She soon became a personal trainer, using her experience to help thousands of people achieve their fitness goals.

Additionally, Helen expanded into the world of digital fitness, creating a popular and successful YouTube channel, with over 50,000 subscribers. Her work has been recognised internationally and she is now a sought after health and fitness coach by both regular people and celebrities alike.

A Positive Influence

Today, Helen is a role model for many, as someone who has tackled adversity, made a challenging journey and found success. She serves as an example of how, with the right support and opportunities, anyone can take on their dreams.

Helen is a shining example of the fantastic possibilities that can come from the combination of hard work and chance, and what anyone, no matter their circumstances can do if given a chance. David Maudsley and Gucci Fitness gave Helen that chance, and for that, we should all be thankful.


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