who is the authority having jurisdiction on the job site

who is the authority having jurisdiction on the job site

Authority Having Jurisdiction at Job Site

An Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is a legally recognized individual or body with the power to enforce applicable regulations or requirements relating to a job site. Though commonly used to reference the fire marshal, code official or inspector, the AHJ can vary from one project to the next and can vary even within the same jurisdiction. It’s important to determine the specific AHJ for each job site and follow their authoritative decisions and jurisdictions.

Determining Authority Having Jurisdiction

The AHJ is typically a state or local public official who has the power to enforce applicable regulations or requirements. Generally, the AHJ is responsible for determining code compliance and safety standards. They are the go-to person responsible for making the final decision in any code questions.

AHJ’s Responsibilities and Jurisdiction

The AHJ has the authority to perform duties, such as:

  • Enforcement of ordinances or codes
  • Application of laws regarding building safety
  • Interpretation of local codes and safety regulations
  • Issuing permits, licenses and other authorizations
  • Inspection of jobsites for compliance
  • Investigating complaints

The AHJ will often inspect the job site, review the plans and work being done, and even review the paperwork of any contractors or subcontractors involved in the project. They also have jurisdiction to determine whether or not any modifications are necessary to meet code and safety regulations.


Identifying the AHJ for a job site is an important step to completing a project successfully and according to the code and safety regulations. With the right information and support, the AHJ is an invaluable resource that can make all the difference in the success of a project.


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