who were the sons of god in job


Who Are the Sons of God in Job?

The Book of Job is a book of the Hebrew Bible that contains various discussions between a man, Job, and God. Job’s suffering and the ways in which he finds comfort and understanding depict a variety of topics, including relationships between God and man, justice, faith, and suffering. Within this book, the phrase “sons of God” is used several times in reference to certain heavenly beings.

Divine Beings

The sons of God who appear in the Book of Job are generally identified as heavenly, divine beings. These are called both “sons of God” and “morning stars,” and they meet to present themselves to the Lord. In Job 1:6 and 2:1, the angelic beings are asked consent from God to afflict Job. Furthermore, 1:6 and 2:1 state that “the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD.” This presents the sons of God as messengers with will of their own.

Bene Elohim

The sons of God in Job are traditionally known as “the Bene Elohim,” meaning “sons of gods.” This title places these spiritual beings as beneath God in authority—second to him among all authorities. This implies that the sons of God have power but are subject to the will of God.

The Bene Elohim are often recognized as both angels and other heavenly beings. Most importantly, they are servants of God, both loyal to him and representing him. In Job 38:7, they sing to the Lord in rejoicing, and in Job 38:7, they oppose Lucifer. As such, the Sons of God portray a struggle between sacred and dark forces—with the Sons of God always being obedient to God.

Roles of the Sons of God

The sons of God are connected to a variety of roles and tasks in the spiritual world. These tasks may include the following:

    • Serving God – The Sons of God are the highest ranking of celestial servants, and are devoted to God in a variety of ways, including praising him and executing his commands.


    • Bearer of Messages – The Sons of God often act as the messengers between God and man, speaking the Lord’s message in many situations.


    • Divine Council – The Sons of God serve as part of God’s counsel in terms of deciding for or against afflicting Job, as seen in Job 1:6 and 2:1.


    • Overseer of Other Angels – The Sons of God are in charge of the other angelic troops, distributing tasks and ensuring that God’s will is done.


The Sons of God are a significant part of the Book of Job, offering insight into the relationship between God and man, the ways in which God oversees the world, and about justice and faith.


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