why did facebook take jobs off

why did facebook take jobs off

Why did Facebook take jobs away?

Facebook has recently changed the way it is hiring new employees. It has taken jobs away, resulting in a loss of jobs for many potential people. This has sparked interest in the reasons why, and what it means for potential employees.

Declining Ad Spending and Covid-19

The primary reasons that Facebook has had to cut jobs have to do with declining ad spending and the Covid-19 pandemic. With the global changes that have happened due to the virus, businesses have had to drastically change the way they do their business.

Ad spending has decreased significantly in many areas, leading to a decrease in income for the company. This has caused Facebook to make the decision to cut jobs in order to keep their financials in check.

Decreasing Number of Users

Another factor that has contributed to Facebook’s job cuts has been the decreasing number of users. With the pandemic, many people have turned away from the platform, instead opting for other outlets to get their news and entertainment.

This has caused a decrease in Facebook’s revenue and ad revenue, leading to the decision to cut jobs in order to keep their income steady.

Rising Costs

Lastly, Facebook has had to cut jobs in order to reduce the costs of the company. With rising costs to maintain the company and to keep it up and running, it has been necessary to cut jobs in order to make sure they are staying profitable.


Facebook’s decision to take jobs away was a difficult one, and likely not an easy one. However, it was necessary in order to make sure their financials were able to stay in check. The decreasing number of users, decreasing ad spending, and rising costs were all factors that contributed to the decision to cut jobs.

Overall, it is important to recognize that it was a difficult decision for the company, but ultimately if done correctly will help ensure the future of their business.


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