why did george lose his job on young sheldon

why did george lose his job on young sheldon

Why Did George Lose His Job on Young Sheldon?

Young Sheldon is a hit American comedy series prequel to The Big Bang Theory, starring Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper when he was a 9-year-old genius. His father George Cooper, played by Lance Barber, is a football coach and a relatively simple-minded everyman who does his best to understand and keep up with Sheldon. However, in a recent episode, he was fired from his job and seemingly taken away from the show.

George Was Fired After Taking a Controversial Stand

The reason George lost his job was because of his decision to take a stand on something he believed in. After the school board supported a prayer in school policy, George disagreed with the decision and publicly voiced his dissent. He was later confronted and fired from the district superintendent who didn’t understand his reaction.

He Still Hasn’t Returned to the Show

Despite his exit from the Erickson High School football department, George still hasn’t returned. Though it would likely be beneficial for the writers to bring him back, he remains a minor character in the show. This has led fans to speculate what happened to him and if he will make a return.

Reasons George Hasn’t Returned

There are several possible explanations as to why George hasn’t been seen on the show since then.

  • He Reached the End of His Character Arc: George’s role in the show was to provide interference between Sheldon and his mother as he was often left to deal with Sheldon’s troubles. After he was fired, there wasn’t much his character could do as his wife, Mary Cooper, took up the same role. Therefore, his presence may not be necessary anymore.
  • The Show Didn’t Want to Widen its Scope: Young Sheldon has generally focused on keeping its scope small, dealing with storylines within the Cooper family. By introducing a story arc concerning George and the school board, it may have taken more time comparatively and contradicted the light nature of the series.
  • George Will Return For a Special Episode: It’s possible he will make an appearance in a later episode once the time is right. George is a beloved character and his story is memorable, so his return would significantly increase viewership.


George’s mysterious disappearance from Young Sheldon has been a frequent source of fan speculation. Though he hasn’t come back yet, it’s possible he will make an appearance in later episodes. In the end, it all depends on how the show’s writers and producers decide to handle his exit and return.


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