why did the invisible man turn down the job offer

why did the invisible man turn down the job offer

Why Did The Invisible Man Turn Down The Job Offer?

The Invisible Man is a classic sci-fi novel written by H.G Wells in 1897. The novel follows a man who discovers a way of making himself invisible, but fails to achieve his original goal of exacting revenge on those who wronged him.

The novel’s protagonist eventually receives a job offer from the company that funds his scientific experiments. But, even though this offer would have given him the opportunity to further his research, the Invisible Man decides to reject it. So why?

1. Fear of Being Exposed

The motivations of Wells’ characters are always complex, and it is certainly possible the Invisible Man’s fear of being found out played a role in his decision. After all, the more he interacted with the company, the higher the chance of them becoming aware of his invisible state.

2. Disliking the Company’s Motives

The company that made the offer had their own agenda – to make money from the Invisible Man’s research and discoveries. This likely didn’t sit well with him, especially since he had already had enough of people trying to use him for their own gain.

3. Not Wanting to Stop His Experimentation

One of the core themes of the novel is the Invisible Man’s exploration and search for knowledge. By taking the job offer, there was a chance he would have been restrained from his experimentation or forced to work on projects he had no interest in. This was no doubt a major factor in his decision.

4. Protecting His Revolution

At the end of the novel, the Invisible Man releases a manifesto for a revolution, declaring to the world he will not be silenced and that the oppressed should never give in to those trying to control them. Turning down the job offer was a way of showing he was serious about his beliefs and that he was willing to make sacrifices to stand up for what he believed in.

In conclusion, the Invisible Man turned down the job offer for a myriad of complex and personal reasons. While fear of exposure and a distrust for the company’s motives certainly played a significant role, the Invisible Man’s decision was ultimately driven by his desire to protect his revolution and his ongoing quest for scientific knowledge.


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