why did the invisible man turn down the job

why did the invisible man turn down the job

Why Did The Invisible Man Turn Down The Job?

The recent motion picture adaptation of H.G. Wells’ science fiction novel, The Invisible Man, has received critical acclaim since its release. However, the protagonist’s choice to turn down a job offer remains somewhat enigmatic. Why did the invisible man turn down the job?

Financial Security

The protagonist, Adrian Griffin, is a brilliant scientist who has developed a revolutionary suit that offers the wearer invisibility. He accepts an unconditional job offer from the wealthy and mysterious corporation, Talisman. Griffin soon discovers that the job entails compromising his moral standards. It is then he decides to turn it down.

Moral Integrity

Ultimately, it appears that Griffin is motivated by his moral integrity to not accept the offer from Talisman. Accepting the job would have meant he would have had to abandon his moral code and risk his safety, as well. Griffin was unwilling to compromise his values for financial gain.

Desire for a Better Future

Griffin also realizes that this job may have provided financial stability for the present, but he foresees a much brighter future. He refuses to be controlled by Talisman, instead choosing to pursue a goal that could benefit all humanity. Griffin refuses to be an accessory to a malicious and oppressive entity.


In conclusion, Griffin’s decision to turn down the job offer really boils down to his uncompromising sense of morality and his eagerness to pursue something greater, the potential benefit of all humanity. Rather than succumbing to the easy, financial gain of a job that would strip him of his personal integrity, Griffin chose a difficult path that could potentially lead to a better future.


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