why don’t job postings include salary reddit

why don’t job postings include salary reddit

Why don’t job postings include salary range?

When looking for a job, job hunter always want to know whether the role can meet their financial and personal requirements. However, not all job postings that you come across will include salary information. This usually raises a question, why don’t job postings include salary range?

Reasons why job postings doesn’t include salary:

  • It’s Complicated: It’s often difficult to provide an exact salary range as salaries can vary by experience, location, candidates etc.
  • Company Strategy: Companies might not include salary range in the job posting because it plays a major role in their salary negotiation leverage.
  • Negotiations: Job postings without the salary range makes it easier for the employers to negotiate with the applicant, ultimately leaving the applicant with no information to estimate their fair market value.
  • Full-time versus Contract: Employers are often hesitant to share the salary range as they may pay more to full-time employees as they don’t have to provide benefits (insurance etc.).


  • Research: It is important for job seekers to research the market rate for their desired role and location before going into an interview.
  • Be prepared: Job seekers should understand their true worth and worth of their desired job, so they can negotiate effectively.

In conclusion, job postings without salary range leave job seekers in the dark. This is why understanding the market salaries is essential for job seekers as it will arm them with the knowledge and helps them to negotiate confidently.


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