why don’t job postings include salary reddit

why don’t job postings include salary reddit

Why don’t job postings include salary Reddit?

For many job seekers, understanding why employers are so reluctant to include salary details in their job postings is a major source of frustration. Salary is one of the most important factors in any job search, and yet many employers refuse to provide information on the subject.

It can be difficult to understand why a potential employer might choose to omit this information, but there are actually a few common theories why job postings often neglect to include salary.

1. Employers Want to Stay Open-Minded

One of the most common explanations for why employers fail to include salary information in their job postings is because they want to remain open-minded. Choosing to exclude salary details from the job description allows employers to attract a broader pool of applicants, without having to commit to a particular rate of payment.

By leaving salary information open, employers can also take longer to assess the qualifications and experiences of their applicants, ensuring that the best possible candidate is chosen for the job.

2. Employers are Trying to Negotiate

Another possible explanation is that employers are hoping to leave room for negotiation when it comes to salary. Often times, employers will be willing to pay more than the advertised salary if they find a particularly qualified candidate during the hiring process.

By refusing to include salary information in the job posting, employers remain free to adjust the salary if they find a suitable applicant who is willing to negotiate.

3. Lack of Transparency

Finally, it’s also possible that employers are simply trying to avoid the issue of transparency when it comes to communication around salary. By not including this information, employers can remain in control of the salary negotiations, without having to explain why they have chosen to offer a particular rate of pay.

It’s important to note, however, that lack of salary transparency can also have a negative effect on the hiring process. Without knowing what salary to expect, job seekers may be less likely to apply for roles where salary information is not provided.


Ultimately, there are a number of possible reasons why employers choose to omit salary information from their job postings. Some may be trying to remain open-minded, while others may be hoping to open up opportunities for negotiation. Others still may simply be looking to avoid the issue of transparency. Whatever the reason, job seekers should always be ready to ask about salary as part of the application process.


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