why was job’s wife spared

why was job’s wife spared

Why Was Job’s Wife Spared?

Job was a faithful servant of God, who saw his wealth and family taken away from him in a single day. Job’s wife’s faith was tested after her husband lost all his possessions, but God decided to protect her from harm.

Job’s Fidelity

Job was a man of great piety, who feared God and shuddered before Him. He faithfully served God and kept all of His commandments. When God and Satan clashed, Job was put to the test. God allowed Satan to take away Job’s possessions and family, but Job remained faithful and stayed true to His Creator.

God’s Mercy

God had mercy on Job and spared Job’s wife from the suffering He inflicted on Job. Job’s wife had not been as faithful as Job, but God still chose to spare her. This showed God’s great mercy towards Job’s wife, and it also reinforced the importance of being loyal to God.

The Message

God’s protection of Job’s wife reveals an important message about faithfulness. It shows us that those who remain true to Him, even in the midst of suffering, can expect God to have mercy upon them. Faithful servants of God are never forgotten and will always be taken care of by their creator.


God had mercy on Job and spared his wife from the pain He inflicted on Him. His protection of Job’s wife is a reminder of His mercy and the importance of remaining faithful to Him. Keeping God’s commandments and trusting in Him can result in His divine mercy.


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