why was steve jobs stubborn

why was steve jobs stubborn

The Reason Why Steve Jobs was so Stubborn

Steve Jobs is one of the most iconic and successful tech entrepreneurs in the world. Even though he was a visionary and a highly successful businessman, Jobs was also known for his notorious stubbornness. But why was he so stubborn?

1. He was Successful

Steve Jobs was obviously very successful – he created some of the most iconic technologies and products in the world. That success and confidence probably gave him the ability to be more stubborn; after all, his ideas had almost always been proven to be right in the past.

2. He had High Standards and Expectations

Steve Jobs had high standards and expectations when it comes to product design, technology, and business operations. He wanted everything to be perfect, and he wasn’t willing to compromise on that. He wasn’t willing to accept anything that was below his expectations, even if it meant he had to be stubborn.

3. He had a Vision

The last, and perhaps most important, reason why Steve Jobs was so stubborn was because he had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve. He was committed to that vision and he wasn’t willing to compromise it, no matter what.


At the end of the day, Steve Jobs’ stubbornness was a reflection of his passion and commitment to his vision. Despite all of his flaws, his strong vision and will to succeed are what made him one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs of all time.

_The following points summarize why Steve Jobs was so Stubborn:_

  • He was successful
  • He had high standards and expectations
  • He had a clear vision


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