why were job’s friends wrong

why were job’s friends wrong

Why Were Steve Jobs Friends Wrong?

After Steve Jobs had co-founded Apple Inc. and the market value of the company skyrocketed, his friends started doubting his ambitious plans and ideas and tried to gamble him against his own success.

Pressure and doubt from friends

Jobs’ friends were extremely skeptical when it came to his visions and plans, as they thought Jobs was taking too much of a risk. They were overwhelmed and doubtful when he decided to cease Macintosh’s production and new model development in lieu of concentrating on the development of other products, such as the iPod, iPhone and the iPad.

Risk-taking pays off

Despite the pressure, Jobs remained confident and saw the potential of developing and selling more than one product. He did not let his friends stop him from taking the risks and pushing Apple Inc. to the top with completely new products.

Gaining massive success

Thanks to his determination and perseverance, Jobs’ products that he once thought of, became successful and made Apple Inc. a renowned name. His friends have now realized the greatness of his risk-taking and the positive impact it has had on Apple’s brand popularity.

Lessons Learnt

We can learn from this that taking risks sometimes pays off and that it should not be undermined. We should stay true to our vision and continue to push forward despite the doubts and pressures from friends and family.

Final words

Risk-taking was essential in the success of Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. Without taking risks and continuing to persevere in his vision, Jobs wouldn’t have gained success.


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