why were job’s friends wrong

why were job’s friends wrong

Why Were Steve Jobs’ Friends Wrong?

Steve Jobs’ friends had told him to stay in college and finish his degree when he initially decided to drop out. However, it was Jobs’ risk-taking, flexible thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit that made him a digital legend.

1. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jobs had an appetite for risk that his friends simply couldn’t understand. While he chose the safe route of attending college, he had an inkling that there was more that he wanted to do in life. By dropping out of college, he was able to devote more energy to learning and participating in activities that fed his entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Flexible Thinking

Jobs understood that the traditional route may lead to success, but it was also limiting. He embraced change and thought of ways to do things differently, challenging the status quo. He refused to accept the limitations of the traditional route and pushed himself to explore new ideas.

3. Challenging the Norms

Jobs wasn’t afraid to take risks and challenge the conventional wisdom. In a world where most people believed that technology was too complex for the average person, he created intuitive user-friendly devices that revolutionized the industry. He had the courage to pursue his vision and he understood the potential of technology better than anyone else.

4. Voice for the People

Jobs united people from around the world with his products and ideas. He created devices and experiences that people could relate to and identify with. He provided a voice for those who lacked one and invited everyone to share in his vision.


At the time, Jobs’ friends couldn’t understand why he dropped out of college. But it was his risk-taking, flexible thinking, and challenging of the norms that made him a digital revolutionary. His career serves as an example of why it’s important to take risks and challenge ourselves to think outside the box, even when people tell you it’s not the right choice.


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