why won’t any jobs hire me

why won’t any jobs hire me

Why Won’t Any Jobs Hire Me?

It can be frustrating and disheartening to apply for job after job, only to either remain overlooked or be rejected over and over again. You want to do something meaningful with your life, but you can’t get the chance to prove what you can do. If you’re asking yourself “why won’t any jobs hire me?”, here are a few potential explanations:

Your Skills Don’t Match the Position

Job postings often have a laundry list of demands, some of which may require a great deal of specialized experience or knowledge. If you don’t think you meet every single criterion, don’t expect to be hired right away. Consider taking courses to make yourself a more attractive candidate, or look into positions more closely related to the skills you already possess.

Your Cover Letter & Resume Need Work

You may think of your cover letter and resume as just a formality, but hiring managers will often form their first opinion of your fit for a position from these documents. Think carefully about the words you use, present yourself as competent and courteous, and be sure to proofread for any typos.

You’re Overqualified/Underqualified

If your experience level doesn’t match the demands of the job, hiring managers may be wary of bringing you on – even if they like your skills, they may be concerned that you won’t stick around for the long term if you’re overqualified, or not be able to keep up if you’re underqualified. If you’re truly passionate about the position, outline why you’re willing to make the switch in your cover letter.

Your Interview Leaves Much to Be Desired

You won’t be offered the job if you don’t impress the person interviewing you. Put a lot of thought into what you plan to say, be mindful of your body language, and dress to impress. Consider rehearsing your responses to some common questions.

Retrain Your Mindset & Persevere

It’s easy to become demotivated when constant rejections start piling up. It’s important to stay positive and remember that there is a job out there for you. Take some time to better yourself and dedicate yourself to your job search.


Looking for a job can be a long and tiring process. Your first (or hundredth!) rejection can be disheartening. But, if you take a step back and figure out what you can do to stand out more, you can start to increase your chances of securing a job. With a positive outlook and dedication to honing your skills, you can eventually find success.


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