will a speeding ticket keep me from getting a job

will a speeding ticket keep me from getting a job

Will a Speeding Ticket Keep Me From Getting a Job?

Speeding tickets can be a cause of worry for job seekers–but is this a real concern? While getting caught with a speeding ticket does not necessarily mean that you won’t get hired for a job, it can certainly affect the result of the hiring decision.

How Speeding Tickets Affect Your Job Application

When employers look at potential job applicants, they are looking to hire someone who is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy—characteristics which may be questioned by some employers if you have a recent speeding ticket on your record. The more recent the speeding ticket, the greater the potential impact on your job application.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors to consider when determining how a speeding ticket may impact your job search.

  • Type of Job:Certain jobs may be more sensitive to a speeding ticket than others. For example, if you’re applying for a job as a delivery driver, a speeding ticket may raise more concern than if you’re applying for an administrative job.
  • The Offense:The circumstances of the offense will be looked at. If you were driving significantly over the speed limit, or recklessly, this could be seen as a more serious offense than if you were just a few miles over the speed limit.
  • Your Explanation:Employers may also consider your explanation of why you were speeding. If you explain that you were running late for a doctor’s appointment, for example, this may be seen more favorably than if you cannot provide an explanation.

Next Steps

If you have received a speeding ticket and are concerned that it may impact your job search, there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of getting hired.

  • Make sure you pay the ticket off in a timely manner. This will show potential employers that you are responsible and that you take the law seriously.
  • Be prepared to explain the ticket in an interview if asked about it. Make sure you have a coherent explanation and emphasize that it was an isolated mistake.
  • If relevant, take a driver’s safety course to show employers that you have taken steps to reduce the chance of receiving a ticket in the future.

Overall, a speeding ticket does not have to be the end of the road when it comes to your job search. However, to minimize the impact of the ticket, it is important to be aware of how it may affect your application and take the necessary steps to explain it and demonstrate responsible behavior.


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