will greens attend jobs and skills summit

will greens attend jobs and skills summit

Greens To Attend Jobs and Skills Summit?

The bi-annual Jobs and Skills Summit is coming soon and the Australian Greens are set to participate in the summit.

The Summit will explore innovative approaches to ensure Australians develop the skills needed for employers to succeed and create secure jobs in an increasingly competitive global market.

According to the Greens, the Summit is a good opportunity for them to speak out for opportunities for young people in the digital age.

What The Greens Hope To Achieve

The Greens want to secure a future of secure, well-paid jobs. They will focus upon:

  • Investment in public transport – as well as transport infrastructure, they believe in initiatives to improve safety and reduce congestion.
  • Boosting STEM education – through increasing the amount of time dedicated to science, technology, engineering and maths, more young people will be equipped with the skills for future jobs.
  • Improving apprenticeship pathways – the Greens will push for more funding to create effective apprenticeship pathways and make sure young people have real pathways to skilled employment.
  • Ensuring job security – the Greens will advocate for secure work arrangements, protecting workers’ rights and ensuring they receive a fair wage.

What Can We Expect From The Greens?

The Australian Greens have always been a champion of young Australians and the future of work.

At the Summit, they will push for significant investment in training and education as well as better support for young people.

The Greens will also advocate for better workplace rights for all workers, and for a secure working environment for everyone.

Their focus on innovation, inclusion and sustainability will ensure that our nation is prepared for the future.

The Jobs and Skills Summit will provide the Greens with an opportunity to ensure that all Australians are provided with the skills and opportunities to succeed in a rapidly changing world.


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