will i get the job tarot spread

will i get the job tarot spread

Will I Get the Job Tarot Spread

Are you looking to make a career move but are worried you won’t get the job? Then you need to perform a tarot reading to answer your question. Tarot readings can provide guidance when it comes to career decisions by offering further insight into what your future may hold.

How to Perform a Will I Get the Job Tarot Spread

Performing a tarot reading to assess the probability of you being successful in your job search is straightforward. Here are the steps to take for an accurate reading.

  • Gather your Cards

    Collect 7 tarot cards from the deck. You can opt for a standard tarot deck or a career-specific deck. Select the cards that represent the job you wish to acquire.

  • Set the Scene

    Establish a peaceful environment and spend several minutes focusing on your question. Visualize the position you wish to acquire, envision you working in the role, and meditate on your desired outcome.

  • Perform the Spread

    Begin the reading by laying out the cards in a cross shape. Place your central card (position 4) in the center and place the other cards around it to form a cross. The central card is the most important one.

  • Interpreting the Reading

    Carefully look at each card in the spread. Using a tarot card reading guide for reference, make connections between the cards and try to determine their meanings in relation to the job. Interpret the overall message from the reading and see if it answered your question.

Tarot Card Meanings for Will I Get the Job Spread

  • Card 1: Represents your current situation and the roadblocks you may be facing.
  • Card 2: Shows the internal qualities you need to possess to get the job.
  • Card 3: Reveals the external elements that are aiding or preventing you from landing the job.
  • Card 4: Offers an overall summary of the spread and provides insight into the outcome.
  • Card 5: Describes any hidden talents or abilities that may give you an edge.
  • Card 6: Indicates the potential challenges you could face during the application process.
  • Card 7: Represents the outcome and likelihood of obtaining the job.

Performing a tarot reading for “will I get the job” is a great way to gain clarity about a career decision. With this tarot spread, you will gain insight into your current situation and the potential hindrances and help you could receive in order to make a successful job application.


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