will i get the job tarot spread

will i get the job tarot spread

Will I Get the Job Tarot Spread

It’s easy to get anxious and worried when you have to wait for a job opportunity that you’ve applied for. One way to help manage your feelings is to use the tarot spread to get some insight on the potential job offer. Here is a helpful tarot spread to use when you’re wondering “Will I get the job?”

Tarot Card Positions:

  • Position 1: your overall outcome
  • Position 2: the person/company making the decision
  • Position 3: the best way to move forward
  • Position 4: a potential obstacle
  • Position 5: the result of taking the advice from position 3.

The tarot spread will give you a thorough view of the outcome of the decision-making process. Position 1 provides an overall picture of the situation, giving you insight into whether or not you’ll get the job. Position 2 covers the person or company making the decision, giving you a sense of their thoughts and intentions. Position 3 shows you the best and most effective way to move forward with the application process. Position 4 acknowledges any potential obstacles or issues that could be in the way, and position 5 reveals the outcome of taking the advice given in position 3.

Using this spread can help you get a better understanding of the potential job offer and give you a more confident outlook on the situation. By doing this spread, you can gain greater insight into how best to approach the job opportunity and feel more secure in the decision-making process.


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