will ryan day lose his job

will ryan day lose his job

Will Ryan Day Lose his Job?

Ryan Day, the head coach of The Ohio State football team, has been the talk of the town throughout the first few weeks of the season. Many have speculated whether or not he will be able to keep his job, especially with the Buckeyes’ recent string of losses.


Ryan Day does have some things going for him:

  • Experience: Day is entering his third season as head coach of the Buckeyes, making him one of the most tenured head coaches in the Big Ten.
  • Success: In his first two seasons, Day led the Buckeyes to a 24-2 record and two Big Ten Championships.
  • Recruiting: Day has proven to be adept at recruiting elite talent. The Buckeyes have signed some of the top high school prospects in recent years.


While Day has many positives, there are also some negatives to his job tenure:

  • Lackluster performances: The Buckeyes have displayed lackluster performances in the last two games, losing to Indiana and Northwestern.
  • Questions about defensive effort: After the game against Indiana, Day faced criticism for not showing enough defensive effort.
  • Recruiting fallout: Some potential recruits have been concerned about Day’s longevity and have chosen to commit to different schools.


The truth is it’s impossible to predict whether or not Ryan Day will be able to keep his job. It all depends on the team’s performance this season and whether or not the administration feels he is the right person to lead Ohio State. Regardless, Day is a talented coach and there are still plenty of reasons for optimism about his future with the Buckeyes.


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