will ryan day lose his job

will ryan day lose his job

Will Ryan Day Lose His Job?

Ryan Day has had a unique start to his coaching career. As Head Football Coach of Ohio State, he has so far compiled a 25-1 record in two seasons. But with Ohio State certainly being college football’s most scrutinized, he must continue to win or the wrath of Buckeye Nation might lead him to an untimely firing.

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Ryan Day May Be On the Firing Line:

  • Ohio State’s Struggles Against Top-25 Teams – Although he has been undefeated in his two seasons at the helm, a closer look at his record reveals that he has only a 2-5 record against Top-25 opponents, including a 1-2 mark this season.
  • Ohio State’s Recruiting Decline – Ryan Day’s recruiting classes since taking over have not been as strong as previous classes and the other top contenders in college football. Ohio State has not been able to land a top 5 recruiting class like it used to.

Why Ryan Day Might Keep His Job

  • Ohio State’s Schedule – Ohio State plays one of the toughest schedules in the nation, not an easy feat for a first-time head coach. He has handled the schedule well and the team is still competing at the highest level despite the difficult schedule.
  • Ohio State’s Big Ten Title – Ryan Day led the Buckeyes to their third consecutive Big Ten Title this season, their first conference title under his leadership. He was able to achieve this despite having a Top-25 schedule.

At the end of the day, only Ohio State brass knows if they will be giving Ryan Day his walking papers. One thing is certain though, Day will be under intense pressure to keep this winning tradition alive at Ohio State if he wants to keep his job. He may have achieved impressive successes in his two seasons thus far, but there is still much to be done if he wants to remain the Buckeyes’ head coach.


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